Best Show Awards - Elevating Standards

The Bahrain International Garden Show honors exhibitors for the quality of their displays and exhibits. A panel of judges are specifically selected to evaluate and judge exhibits each in their own category and class to recognize the efforts and talent of the winning displays.

Criteria For Assessing Trade-Stand Exhibits (Market Zone)
Assessors will evaluate the degree of success achieved by the exhibitor in showcasing the goods or services on display. How effective were they in promoting the organization, product or service. How attractive is the design and how clear is the purpose or message of the exhibition stand. Plaques are awarded in recognition of high standards of presentation and are not an endorsement of the product(s) or service(s) on display.
Points will be awarded for:
  • The effectiveness of the promotion technique.
  • Overall design and structure.
  • Ease of identification of the products or services within the design.
  • Relevance to a Garden Show.
  • Innovation in the product or service presented (bonus points).
Criteria For Assessing Special Displays (Design Zone)
For special displays, exhibitors are reminded that the quality, quantity and variety of plant material used in gardens bears a direct relation to the level of awards recommended by the judges. The design and construction are also most important factors in the assessment.
Points will be awarded for:
  • The overall design and impression.
  • The balance between hard and soft landscaping materials.
  • The variety and cohesiveness of plants chosen.
  • Quality of structure.
  • Innovation in design (bonus points)
Criteria For Assessing Educational Displays (Awareness Zone)
The focus of these exhibits is to educate and raise awareness about important topics related to gardening, agriculture, the environment, good practices, sustainability, or any other topic related to the field of horticulture. Assessors will evaluate the degree of success in presenting the knowledge to the visitors.
Points will be awarded for:
  • Clarity and comprehensiveness of the information.
  • The effectiveness of the promoter to convey that knowledge.
  • The relevance of the information presented.
  • The incorporation of the show theme.
  • Overall design and impression.
  • Uniqueness of the topic presented (bonus points).